Access to cube name in queryTransformer


For context, our cubes are scoped using a common id (e.g. user id).

We were previously using SECURITY_CONTEXT in the individual Cube definitions to do row-level access control. In preparation of using pre-aggregations, we are moving to use queryTransformer. Un fortunately, when defining the filters for queryTransformer, the dimensions/members must be scoped to their Cube. Is there a reason to not plumb the cube name through queryTransformer or allow relative references (i.e. is it due to the possibility of multiple Cube references in a single Query)?

I have a workaround for our use case that inspects the Query object to derive the cube name, but Iā€™d rather use something more direct.

Any thoughts?


Hi @kmgreen2 :wave:

It surely is so because oftentimes queries involve multiple joined cubes.

It looks like a reasonable solution, it should work just fine.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Igor.

For reference, we are moving to using the queryTransformer due to multitenancy:

Thanks, again!

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