Can cube.js connect prometheus for monitoring process and rest api

I find solution for monitoring cube.js

my company use prometheus for monitoring and alarm system

can i config cube.js connect prometheus and send metric
or cube.js has another way for monotoring system ?

thank you

Hi @Karnet !
Thanks for your question!
Actually, you can use Cube logs in the way that is best for you. That seems to be an interesting idea but I don’t think there are any examples so I’m looking forward to seeing if you can make this work.
Could you add some more details for your particular use case?

I think you have many ways to solve this problem

  • Prometheus remote writer with SQL adapter (cratedb, timescladb… we can use cube.js)
  • Using presto (trino ) with SQL query
  • Using custom job query Prometheus metrics then import to one SQL database
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thank you @Ivan_Vdovin
my use case detail
now i develop rest api by nodejs then use Prometheus for monitoring
my rest api application use module for send stats metric to Prometheus

example like this link

@Karnet maybe I misunderstand your use-case if you just want cube.js to export prometheus metrics

you can try this GitHub - rongfengliang/cube.js-prometheus: cube.js-prometheus

Thank you @rongfengliang
I will try your solution