Drilldown on Pre-Aggregate results

Hi All,

Any ideas if drilldown works also when serving customers only from pre-aggregations?

Please consider the following schema, with the preAggregations, and drillMembers defined.

cube(`Orders`, {
  sql: `select * from orders`,

  joins: {
    Users: {
      type: `belongsTo`,
      sql: `${Orders}.user_id = ${Users}.id`,

    Products: {
      type: `belongsTo`,
      sql: `${Orders}.product_id = ${Products}.id`,

  measures: {
    count: {
      type: `count`,
      // Here we define all possible properties we might want
      // to "drill down" on from our front-end
      drillMembers: [id, status, Products.name, Users.email],

  dimensions: {
    id: {
      type: `number`,
      sql: `id`,
      primaryKey: true,
      shown: true,

    status: {
      type: `string`,
      sql: `status`,

preAggregations: {
    ordersByStatus: {
      dimensions: [CUBE.status],
      measures: [CUBE.count],



Hi @Abdel !
They should, at least works for my cloud deployment. What difficulties do you have?
Could you check if Products.name, Users.email are defined?

Hi @Ivan_Vdovin,

I have no issues, I was just wondering if this use case is supported. I am currently evaluating Cube as a solution to be implemented for our Analytical Multi tenant workloads.

@Abdel Got it. Right, there is no difference. Feel free to try and follow up if you have any other questions.