Dynamic scheme crashes with a counting measure

Hi everyone,
I’m experiencing strange errors with dynamic schemes.
I’ve got the following measures:

“measures”: {
“count”: {“type”: “count”, “title”: “Some counting measure”},

And a couple of dimensions:

“c5”: {“sql”: “c5”, “type”: “string”, “title”: “test_code”},
“c8”: {“sql”: “c8::DATE”, “type”: “time”, “title”: “account open date”}

And the c5 field in the DB contains string data like the following: “01.1”, “01.11.1”, “01.13.11”, no nulls. c8 field contains dates in a string form like this: “2020-06-29”, “2020-10-14” etc and again there are no nulls there.

When I choose the “count” measure together with “c5” dimension I get the following error:
“TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
at Function.entries ()
at 3813.7541bfbca86d3d22092f.js:1
at Array.map ()
at 3813.7541bfbca86d3d22092f.js:1
at Array.map ()
at p (3813.7541bfbca86d3d22092f.js:1)
at 3813.7541bfbca86d3d22092f.js:1
at ro (3935.582d1597f26687dd310e.js:2)
at ju (3935.582d1597f26687dd310e.js:2)
at Ni (3935.582d1597f26687dd310e.js:2)”

And there are no errors in cube.js logs but the following log message:

“measures”: [
“timeDimensions”: [
“dimension”: “qr_test.c8”
“order”: {
“qr_test.count”: “desc”
“dimensions”: [

With the static schemes the very same situation works fine.
Can anyone help on what’s wrong with my dynamic schemes?