How do you usually work with Cube.js?


I’ve installed Cube.js, connected it to my MongoDB and I’m playing around with it.
Usually, I use Python for generating reports from my data - which is very time consuming but flexible.
If it’s possible, I use Metabase to click reports together since it’s much faster - but limited.

Is Cube.js something in the middle?
I had to add some measures and dimensions to my Cube in code.
Now I was hoping, that I can click together insights in the dev frontend (http://localhost:4000/).

For instance: SELECT Average (column a) GROUP BY (column b)
Is this possible via the frontend?

All the tutorials I find seem to use code to achieve the goals and the dev frontend is being ignored.
What’s the dev frontend used for usually?

So many questions when starting new :slight_smile:

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Not sure if you saw this blog post from last week, but hopefully it answers a lot of questions you have about Cube. Do follow-up if you have more questions!

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Hi @Chris9347 !
You’re right, all Cube tutorials and recipes are mostly focused on data modeling and various Cube features such as pre-aggregations and multitenancy. Cube is a headless BI and the main goal here is to provide a metrics store as an additional layer for analytical apps. It’s basically an API that you can use in several apps if needed but you can use the same metrics and requests. It’s visualization-agnostic and allows you to use any frontend app you may need but it doesn’t go too deep there intentionally. As for the dashboard apps, they are mostly examples so you can take a look at what’s possible there and build something for you based on the existing app rather than doing that from scratch.
If you want to combine several charts you should be able to make separate queries and combine them in the frontend.