How to access measures from the table

Hi I am an absolute newbie for Cube.

I hooked up an Oracle data source, built the schema.
When I am trying to create a Query in Playground, I see only Count as the available measure. How do I see the other “Number” fields in the table for measures.

Hi @Srinivas_Venigalla :wave:

You need to add the necessary measures to the data schema. Please, read this getting started doc about the data schema:

Also you can read more about available measures type here:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you. But the code in Playground is not editable for me. It is in readonly mode.

@Srinivas_Venigalla, the Developer Playground is used to create and run a query to the Cube API. You need to create new measures and dimensions in your text editor/IDE :slight_smile:

I just realized it, and came to say so. Thank you so much, I am all set!!! This is a wonderful platform.

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