How to setup and config cube store on production use local filesystem


i will use cube.js make report i read document but i don’t understand cube store

  1. How i setup pre-aggregation in cube store cluster on K8S
  2. How i config cube store environment-variables use local filesystem
  3. How i config cube.js environment-variables to connect cube store router


:wave: welcome, @Karnet!

Have you already checked the documentation on running Cube Store in production (k8s-agnostic):

Was there anything in the Cube Store env. variables docs that you had questions on?

Thank Ray for answer

yes i read document and begin install follow production-checklist

cube store now i config PostgreSQL for pre-aggregations success.
i read blog
i try change PostgreSQL to cube store cluster use local filesystem but i don’t know what parameter config environment-variables for local filesystem


Thanks for the details @Karnet. Let me find others who can help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @Karnet :wave:

Would you mind having a look at the Caching: Running in Production section of the docs? It specifically goes into setting up Cube Store for production deployments.

Unfortunately, we don’t have K8S-specific instructions currently, definitely something we could look into. I believe your other two questions should be answered by the link above.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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current cubestore lack of some security features (auth ). maybe provide some security practice in production environment ?

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Great suggestion @rongfengliang, will try and get this updated soon :+1:

thank @hassankhan
i will try setting up cube store follow Caching: Running in Production

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I have created a PR for the docs here: docs(caching): add information about securing Cube Store by hassankhan · Pull Request #2730 · cube-js/cube.js · GitHub