Is there any guidance on creating your own datasource?

I was wondering if there was any guidance on creating your own datasource. We have data that can be retrieved from other non-database sources that are more custom.

Is it possible to implement our own datasource connector that is custom?

Hi @emcpadden !
Please, take a look at the guidelines. Maybe an example of a new driver can be helpful.
BTW what exactly do you mean by non-database sources?

Ahh, thank you. I saw that page but I didn’t scroll down far enough,

As far as the “non-database” sources, I’m not sure exactly what they are, I know that our company does have some proprietary datasources and I wanted to figure out if that would be a roadblock or not.


@emcpadden Ok, thanks. At least you should be able to ETL your data to DWH and use it with Cube.