Kubernetes deployment / helm chart / EKS?

Hi there.

Do you have any Kubernetes deployment ymls somewhere on GitHub?
Maybe even a helm chart?
Also I’d be nice to have smth for AWS/EKS not Google/BigQuery.

If there is smth & I didn’t find it please provide the link(s)
I was able to find only docker readme (cube.js/Platform-Docker.md at master · cube-js/cube.js · GitHub) which of course helps but isn’t exactly a ready to use helm chart & is Google BigQuery specific.

The doc about AWS Serverless has a broken link in this section https://github.com/cube-js/cube.js/blob/master/caching/running-in-production which is mentioning EKS: “More instructions can be found in the Running in Production page under Caching”


:wave: @kmgreen2 are you still thinking of submitting a PR for a Helm Chart?

@vainkop, please feel free to submit a PR to fix the broken link in our docs :pray: (cc/ @hassankhan).

Just a couple of quick updates on this.



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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to chime in and leave these links here.
We’ve added examples for both Helm and Kubernetes.

Here are the links to the examples on GitHub:


Also, we’ve updated the docs to include a deployment tutorial: https://cube.dev/docs/deployment/platforms/kubernetes

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