Qualibrate User Story

Qualibrate as a Test Automation solution empowers our customers to create, maintain and execute thousands of test cases with simple tooling and amazing extensibility. We’ve worked on bringing the best features to the market and as such Cube.js was a great addition to our core offering but it did come with its challenges.

When we started our journey with Cube.js over two years ago we knew we were going to have this challenges but we are finally able to show the fruits of our labor.

How does it work

Qualibrate on its frontend uses Cube.js Vue client, echarts as a presentation layer, as well as tailor made chart builder (partially inspired from React Developer Playground).

As for the backend we use a containerized version of Cube.js instance running inside AWS Elastic Beanstalk. We identify each customers database from their authentication pool, that allows us to connect to MongoBI Connector to generate the SQL support for our final databases on MongoDB Atlas Cluster

We have customers that have varied requirements when it comes to testing and reporting, for this we had to create a dynamic schema solution. Our current architecture contains an individual database per customer so that also meant that we have multiple different data connections. Also since our customers can actually customize the data on some of the entities we had to consider managing
that unto our schema creation.

This might be an ever evolving solution but it wouldn’t be as easy as it has been
if we had not found Cube.js when we did


:bowing_man: @richipargo. Look forward to hearing more during the Monthly Community Call this week! :slightly_smiling_face: