Running without Cube Store

Hi! for various reasons, I have a deployment where we cannot deploy cube store at the moment. Is there a way to disable cube store in the start up and talk to a datasource (snowflake in this case) directly?

my current stack:

    "@cubejs-backend/server": "0.27.33",
    "@cubejs-backend/serverless": "^0.27.33",
    "@cubejs-backend/serverless-aws": "0.27.33",
    "@cubejs-backend/snowflake-driver": "0.27.33",


:wave: @Whit_Morriss thanks for your first post on the forum :confetti_ball:

So are you using a different external storage for pre-aggregations? Have you checked the environment variables such as CUBEJS_EXT_DB_TYPE?


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thank you Ray! taking a look.