Syntax error - Missing semicolon in schema

Hi folks,

I have a schema as below

  - name: AnalystProfiles
    sql: SELECT * FROM analyst_profiles
      # preAggregations:
      # Pre-Aggregations definitions go here
      # Learn more here:
    joins: []
      - name: count
        type: count
        drillMembers: [firstName, gender]
      - name: age
        sql: age
        type: number
      - name: firstName
        sql: first_name
        type: string
      - name: gender
        sql: gender
        type: string
    dataSource: default

At Rollup Designer, I want to select Gender & Location Dimension and add to schema, but I got an error

Syntax error during 'AnalystProfiles.yaml' parsing: Missing semicolon. (2:8): - name: AnalystProfiles ^

I am confused this error message because it refers to line #2:8 which is name of cubes. FYI, this schema was generated by cube