Unable to deploy the schema (On-Premise)

Dear Forum Member,

I am pretty new to cube.dev. I want to use this as semantic layer, where users will be connecting to cube data and build their report. I have hosted this in our server (opted for On-Prem) and created schema using postgres. I am not able to create sql api as do not see ‘deployment’ option.

Please suggest me.

:wave: @ChandraNarayana welcome to our forum. Can you clarify what you mean by generating a schema using Postgres? Are you using the Cube Playground by any chance?

Thank you Ray. Yes I am using Cube Playground. Postgres is my source db and I want to create semantic layer on top of that.

Were you able to do/see anything in the Playground? For example, are you connected to your Postgres DB and are you able to create a schema? (e.g. some examples here)

Yes Ray. I am able to connect to postgres db and create schema but I am not able to deploy. Infact unable to view that option.

Hi @ChandraNarayana thanks for your answers and glad to hear that things are working in the Playground. There isn’t a way to deploy to production with “one click” from a menu (if that’s what you’re asking). Have you checked out the production checklist for different platforms?

I also pinged a colleague to take a look at this post in case they have other suggestions, but let us know if you have other questions in the meantime. :pray: